Our Products

Our products are manufactured in house at our modern manufacturing facility and include:

Component line feed conveyor systems

Powered roller curves

Sophisticated Wheel and Tyre delivery/storage conveyor spirals

Heavy duty dual tier conveyor for automotive assembly

Heavy duty wide roller conveyor systems for palletized paper handling

Robotic vehicle sealing cell automation and conveyors


In regard to the specific requirements of Materials Handling we have a wealth of experience at customers as diverse as The Royal Mail (Consignia), Aston Martin and UK Paper in provision of all types of roller conveyor and pallet handling system.

Specialist cockpit manufacturing system was completed in September 2005 for Intier Automotive in Kent. Manufacturing the new Honda Civic 2006 model year cockpit this facility was supplied turnkey and incorporates all manufacturing and production required facilities together with full interactive error proofing, POSMON production monitoring and POKA YOKA principles. 

The line is also responsible for creating all Honda traceability information recorded for each part and supplied to Honda in line with legal requirements

A main area in which this expertise has become specific relates to the development and manufacture of a range of Instrument Panels/cockpit module production equipment currently used by customers such as  Visteon (UK and India), Honda NEP and various Ford sites. 

Our expertise in this field allows us to devise workable and effective systems from the simple static assembly fixture to large overhead conveyor/Power trolley systems depending on the production requirements of the customer.